PyCharm at PyCon US 2024: Engage, Learn, and Celebrate! : Valeria Letusheva

PyCharm at PyCon US 2024: Engage, Learn, and Celebrate!
by: Valeria Letusheva
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We’re thrilled to announce that the PyCharm team will be part of the vibrant PyCon US 2024 conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Join us for a series of engaging activities, expert talks, live demonstrations, and fun quizzes throughout the event! 

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have lined up for you. Unless otherwise specified, all activities mentioned will take place at the JetBrains PyCharm booth. 

Engaging talks and live demonstrations

1. Lies, damned lies, and large language models
Speaker: Jodie Burchell
Dive into the intricacies of large language models (LLMs) with Jodie Burchell’s talk. Discover the reasons behind LLM hallucinations and explore methods like retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to mitigate these issues.
📅 Date and time: May 18, 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm
📍 Location: Ballroom BC
Learn more about this talk

2. XGBoost demo and book signing with Matt Harrison
Get hands-on with XGBoost in this engaging demo, during which you can ask Matt Harrison any questions you have about the gradient boosting library.
📅 Date and time: May 17, 10:30 am
🎁 Giveaway: The first 20 attendees will get a free signed copy of Effective XGBoost.

3. Build a fully local RAG app for a variety of files in just 20 minutes
Presenter: Maria Khalusova
Watch a live demonstration on setting up a fully local RAG application in just 20 minutes. Gain insights from Maria Khalusova, an expert from Unstructured and former Hugging Face employee.
📅 Date and time: May 17, 4:10 pm

4. PyCharm on-demand demos
Discover how to boost your efficiency in data science and web development projects with PyCharm’s latest features. Have any questions or feedback? Our team lead, product manager, and developer advocates will be there to discuss everything PyCharm with you.

5. Qodana on-demand demos
Enhance your team’s code quality with our Qodana static code analysis tool. Drop by the PyCharm booth for on-demand demos and learn how to maintain high-quality, secure, and maintainable code.

Interactive quizzes and giveaways

1. Data science quizzes with Matt Harrison
Kick off the event with our exciting quiz session during the opening reception. Engage in challenging questions and stand a chance to win a copy of Effective Pandas 2.0.
📅 Date and time: May 16, 5:30 pm

2. More quizzes! More prizes!
Continue testing your knowledge on May 17 at 1:20 pm. Win a one-year subscription to PyCharm Professional or a voucher for JetBrains merch.

Special events

1. Share your Python story

Want to share your Python experiences with us? Get interviewed by Paul Everitt at our booth! Our video crew will be on-site throughout the conference to capture your stories and insights. 

2. Talk Python To Me: Live podcast recording
Join Michael Kennedy for a live recording with guests Maria Jose Molina-Contreras, Jessica Greene, and Jodie Burchell.
📅 Date and time: May 18, 10:10 am

2. The Black Python Dev community’s first anniversary
Celebrate the Black Python Developers group’s milestone with Jay Miller.
📅 Date and time: May 18, 12:45 pm

3. Frontend testing office hours with Paul Everitt
Got questions about frontend testing? Paul Everitt has the answers! Visit our booth to engage directly with an expert.
📅 Date and time: May 18, 3:45 pm

Visit our booth

Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to deepen your knowledge, network with peers, and celebrate achievements in the Python community. See you there!

May 14, 2024 at 05:18PM
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