PyCharm: PyCon US will open its doors in a week! :

PyCharm: PyCon US will open its doors in a week!
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We are thrilled to be a part of this major Python conference and have the chance to connect with Pythonistas from all over the world. Visit JetBrains at booth 324 in the Expo Hall or attend one of our talks.


Other activities 

  • Demos – if you have any questions related to a JetBrains product, come to our booth, and we’ll help!
  • AMA session with Michael Kennedy, Brian Okken and Paul Everitt. We’ll be giving away Effective PyCharm courses, PyCharm licenses, and a new edition of Python Testing with pytest by Brian Okken to the first 20 attendees. Michael Kennedy will also have a Talk Python course bundle for the 5 best questions. Come to our booth for the exact date and time of the session.

If you’re participating in PyCon US, we’re happy to chat. Come visit our booth to grab a cup of coffee and take a photo with a not-so-real python!

April 12, 2023 at 02:14PM
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