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PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 6: In-editor Code Review
by: Valeria Letusheva
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Our new EAP build for PyCharm 2024.1 is now available for you to download!

This new build is packed with a bunch of updates to the integration with version control systems.

You can download the new version from our website, update directly from the IDE or via the free Toolbox App, or use snaps for Ubuntu.

Version control systems

In-editor code review

PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 6 introduces a more streamlined and agile code review workflow for both GitHub and GitLab users. Authors and reviewers can now seamlessly interact directly within the editor, thanks to the implementation of the Review Mode.

Once the pull/merge request branch is checked out, the review mode is automatically enabled. When you open a source file related to the pull/merge request, either from a diff or from the Project tool window, you’ll notice purple controls on the gutter, indicating changes made to the lines of code and available for the code review workflow. For both authors and reviewers, clicking on these markers reveals a popup showing the original code, making it easier to understand the change. Use the icons in the gutter to discuss changes: click the + icon appearing on hover to start a new discussion or the Message icon to open or hide existing comments where you can reply, react, and resolve threads.

You can use the widget in the editor’s upper right corner to see only unresolved discussions or turn off the review mode completely. You can also toggle review mode from VCS widget.

Preventing large file commits to repositories

To prevent instances where the version control system rejects pushes due to files exceeding size limits, we’ve introduced a mechanism that prohibits the committing of such files. The IDE will now perform a pre-commit check and notify you about the restriction hence saving time on reverting your rejected commits and enhancing the repository management. 

Allow unrelated histories merge option 

We’ve enhanced the Merge into dialog with the addition of the Allow unrelated histories option. When selected from the dropdown menu, this option enables the merge operation to proceed even if the two branches being merged have no common history.

Support for reactions on code review comments 

PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 6 brings support for reactions on review comments for GitHub Pull Requests and GitLab Merge Requests. You can now select from a set of emojis to use as a reaction to your code review comments, enhancing your collaboration process. 

CI checks suite statuses in the Git tool window 

We’ve introduced a new column in the Log tab of the Git tool window, allowing you to easily review the results of GitHub commit checks performed by your CI system. Simply click on it to view the full details of the CI checks. 

Create pull/merge requests from push notifications

After successfully pushing your changes to the version control system, the IDE will now prompt a single notification to inform you about the successful push and suggest an action to create a pull/merge request.

Branch filter for the History tab of the Git tool window

We’ve revamped the user experience for file history in the Git tool window. First, the Show all branches button has been replaced with a branch filter, enabling you to review changes made to a file within a designated branch. Additionally, we’ve adjusted the toolbar orientation, positioning it horizontally for improved usability. 

Stash tab in the Commit tool window

For users who rely on stashes to store temporary uncommitted changes, we’ve introduced a dedicated tab within the Commit tool window for convenient access. If you utilize both stashes and shelves, you have the option to enable a combined Stashes and Shelves tab via a corresponding checkbox in Settings/Preferences | Version Control | Git.  

Visual indicators for pending updates

We’ve introduced visual indicators to hint about pending updates within your code review workflow. When there are changes requiring your attention, a dot badge will appear on the tool window icon. Additionally, unseen pull requests will be marked with a blue dot, ensuring you don’t miss updates in your code review process.

These are the most notable updates for this week. For the full list of implemented changes, refer to the release notes

February 22, 2024 at 03:56AM
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