Kicking off 2024 strong, thanks to our community! : Marie Nordin

Kicking off 2024 strong, thanks to our community!
by: Marie Nordin
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We are starting off the year feeling energized and supported, thanks to each of you who shared or donated to our year-end fundraiser and membership drive. We raised a whopping $43,000 through our PyCharm partnership with JetBrains–that’s more than double last year! With over 150 individual donations, new Supporting Memberships, and JetBrains’ generous partnership, we raised $134,175 total for our work supporting Python and the Python community! All in all, during the period of the fundraiser, we raised close to $200K, which includes donations from our sponsors, donations to our Fiscal Sponsorees, Membership renewals, and proceeds from the special replay of our Humble Bundle, thanks to No Starch Press.

Your generous support means we can confidently start 2024 by investing in our key goals for the year. These goals include:

  • Improving dialogue with the global community
  • Investing in community support
  • Creating more pathways for technical contributions

We rely on community investment–of money, but also time, energy, ideas, and enthusiasm–to reach each of these goals. 

Supporting Membership is a great way for the community to invest in the PSF’s work. It was exciting to see many new Supporting Members made use of our sliding scale rate option to become Members. Welcome aboard, new members, and thank you for joining us! We’re looking forward to having your voice take part in the PSF’s future.

Because the PSF doesn’t buy lists or ads, your help in sharing our fundraiser with your networks makes a big difference, and we really appreciate how many of you took the extra time to help promote it. We’re excited about where 2024 will take us together, and as always, we’d love to hear your ideas and feedback. Looking for how to keep in touch with us? You can find all the ways in our "Where is the PSF?" blog post.

Wishing you all a wonderful & Python-filled new year!
- The PSF Team

January 31, 2024 at 06:30PM
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