What Is LangChain? 🦜️πŸ”— Finally, an Easy Explanation : Emily Rosemary Collins

What Is LangChain? 🦜️πŸ”— Finally, an Easy Explanation
by: Emily Rosemary Collins
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“LangChain” is like a tool for making computer programs that can understand and use language just like we do when we talk or write.

Imagine you have a robot friend who can read books, chat with you, and even help you write stories or do homework.

πŸ€– Wouldn’t it be great if you couldmake such a robot friend yourself? LangChain is a set of tools that help people make such smart robot friends.

It was created by a person named Harrison Chase in 2022.

He started this as a project that anyone can contribute to, which means many people from all over the world can help make it better.

70,000 programmers liked his project and gave it a ⭐ on the social network for developers: GitHub. Many of them worked together to add new cool features to LangChain.

LangChain is really good at many things: πŸ‘‡

  • It can help make chatbots, which are like robot friends you can text with.
  • It can read lots of documents and tell you what they are about, and it can even create new stories or information by itself.
  • Plus, it knows how to work with lots of different tools on the internet, like searching for things on Google, checking the weather, or helping you with your online work.

Simply put, LangChain is a fantastic set of tools that helps people create smart robot friends who can understand and use language in many helpful ways.

LangChain empowers computer programs to read and understand language. These programs can:

  • Know what’s going on: They can use things like instructions or examples to make their answers better.
  • Think: They can decide how to answer questions or what to do next.

LangChain has different parts:

  • LangChain Libraries: These are tools in Python and JavaScript. They help put different parts together to make smart programs.
  • LangChain Templates: This is a set of ready-to-use designs for different tasks.
  • LangServe: A tool to help these programs work on the internet.
  • LangSmith: A place for developers to test and improve these programs, and it works well with LangChain.

You can check out the GitHub here and our in-depth course here:

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December 03, 2023 at 11:59PM
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