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Finance Gurus: Be Average, Ignore Your Tech Insights, and Buy ETFs – Is This How You Get Wealthy?
by: Emily Rosemary Collins
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The traditional investment advice, as given by Jessica from DataTrek Research, may suit a cautious, long-term investor. Here’s the traditionalist’s pitch for a sound and safe investment strategy:

Prioritize low-risk, diversified investments like ETFs tracking major indices, avoid speculative options and volatile cryptocurrencies, focus on steady long-term growth through dollar-cost averaging, $50 per month for 50 years at 9% will make you $500k, and embrace the traditional wisdom of delayed gratification, don’t seek aggressive, high-reward strategies.

However, for the young, ambitious, tech-savvy generation, a bolder, more innovative approach is often more appealing. Here’s why the traditional investment advice may not be suitable for this group:

  1. Limited Exposure to High-Growth Opportunities: This advice underestimates the potential for significant returns from emerging tech sectors and startups, crucial for those seeking rapid growth and willing to embrace higher risks.
  2. Overemphasis on Safety and Diversification: While diversification is important, overly cautious approaches can lead to missed opportunities in high-reward investments, particularly in the fast-evolving tech industry.
  3. Dismissal of Cryptocurrencies: By advising against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, this perspective overlooks the potential of digital assets as innovative investment vehicles, especially relevant for tech enthusiasts who understand and believe in their long-term value.
  4. Underestimating the Power of Active Investment Strategies: Relying solely on passive index funds can be limiting for ambitious individuals who possess the knowledge and desire to actively engage in the market, especially in areas of technological advancements.
  5. Neglecting the Potential of Short-Term Gains: The focus on long-term, slow growth strategies doesn’t align with the goals of those seeking quicker financial success, especially in the dynamic tech sector where rapid changes can lead to substantial short-term profits.

Let’s dive into this perspective, countering the conventional wisdom with a focus on technology, risk tolerance, and the pursuit of rapid wealth accumulation.

1. Beyond ETFs: Embracing Individual Stock Picking

ETFs, while safe and diversified, often lack the potential for massive gains that individual tech stocks or startups offer.

For those with a deep understanding of technology and market trends, picking individual stocks can be far more rewarding. This approach requires more research and risk, but the potential rewards are substantially higher, especially in the fast-evolving tech sector.

There are so many investors who saw Amazon, Google, Bitcoin, and Apple early who could make life-changing gains but never took the leap to invest in these individual picks. They missed the opportunity because they listened to overly cautious advice like this. We are not all average.

2. Investing vs. Gambling: The Tech-Savvy Approach

While traditional investing favors stability and long-term growth, the tech enthusiast understands that today’s digital economy offers faster-paced opportunities.

Yes, investing involves risks similar to gambling, but with the right knowledge and strategy, especially in emerging tech fields, these risks can be intelligently managed for high returns.

There is no clear line separating investing from gambling or speculating. If you’re a top investor, speculator, or gambler, it’s all the same: taking calculated bets to maximize expected value.

3. Options: Not Just Gambling for the Informed

Contrary to the traditional view of options as mere gambling, they can be a powerful tool for those with market savvy. Options allow tech enthusiasts to leverage their knowledge for greater gains, using strategies that align with their bullish or bearish sentiments on specific technology trends or companies.

In fact, if you work in the tech industry for companies like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, you’ll often get paid with long-term options (leaps). Options are how most millionaires were made in the tech sector! Rejecting them outright is not a sensible approach to creating wealth.

4. Bitcoin: The Ultimate Savings Technology

Jessica’s cautious stance on virtual currencies overlooks the unique value proposition of Bitcoin.

With a fixed supply of 21 million, Bitcoin stands as a hedge against the inflationary tendencies of traditional currencies. Its fixed supply contrasts sharply with the ever-expanding money supply of the USD.

For the young and tech-savvy, incorporating Bitcoin into a diversified portfolio, especially through dollar-cost averaging (DCA), is a strategic move that leverages volatility for long-term gain.

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5. Creating Wealth Beyond Fractional Shares

For the ambitious young adult, investing in fractional shares is a slow lane to wealth accumulation. Instead, the focus should be building scalable business systems and cutting-edge technologies.

Investing in what you believe in and understand, especially in the tech field, can lead to explosive wealth creation, far outpacing the traditional routes.

6. ETFs and Broad Indices: Recognizing the Survivorship Bias

ETFs and broad market indices often only marginally outperform monetary debasement, making them more suitable for preserving wealth rather than building it. Indices also suffer from survivorship bias. More here and here:

Final Thought: Rejecting the Slow Lane

The Marshmallow Test analogy, advocating delayed gratification, doesn’t resonate with those seeking rapid wealth accumulation.

Why wait for 40 years when you can build significant wealth much faster by investing in what you know and believe in?

This approach involves higher risks, but for those who are well-informed and passionate about technology, it’s a risk worth taking.

While conventional investment advice has its place, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially for the young and ambitious tech enthusiast. Exploring bold, innovative investment strategies aligned with their knowledge and passions can lead to much quicker and potentially larger financial gains.

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November 23, 2023 at 04:03PM
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