50 Activities a Humanoid Bot Could Do [Table] : Chris

50 Activities a Humanoid Bot Could Do [Table]
by: Chris
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To support the argument, here is the table of 50 activities that a humanoid robot could do:

Activity Hourly Rate ($) Difficulty Required Skills Energy Consumption
0 Assisting with house cleaning 15 Easy [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Security Measures’, ‘Data Analysis’] Low
1 Cooking meals 45 Hard [‘Childcare Skills’, ‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’] High
2 Gardening 20 Easy [‘Security Measures’] High
3 Assisting the elderly 25 Medium [‘Childcare Skills’, ‘Object Recognition’, ‘Data Analysis’] Low
4 Performing maintenance work 35 Easy [‘Security Measures’, ‘Navigation’] Medium
5 Data collection and analysis 20 Medium [‘Security Measures’] Low
6 Surveillance 40 Medium [‘Object Recognition’, ‘Fine Motor Control’, ‘Security Measures’] Medium
7 Teaching 45 Medium [‘Childcare Skills’] Low
8 Customer service 30 Hard [‘Communication’] Medium
9 Entertainment 35 Medium [‘Communication’, ‘Fine Motor Control’] Low
10 Guiding tours 35 Easy [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Communication’] Low
11 Healthcare assistance 50 Easy [‘Navigation’] Medium
12 Childcare 45 Medium [‘Communication’, ‘Security Measures’] Low
13 Companionship 15 Easy [‘Communication’, ‘Physical Strength’] High
14 Home security 50 Medium [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Childcare Skills’, ‘Security Measures’] High
15 Personal training 30 Medium [‘Communication’] Medium
16 Shopping assistance 45 Hard [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Data Analysis’] Low
17 Pet care 45 Easy [‘Communication’] High
18 Delivery services 25 Hard [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’] High
19 Driving 40 Medium [‘Data Analysis’] Low
20 Laundry 40 Medium [‘Healthcare Knowledge’] High
21 Dishwashing 20 Hard [‘Object Recognition’, ‘Navigation’] Low
22 Bed making 50 Easy [‘Security Measures’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Data Analysis’] Medium
23 Grocery shopping 20 Hard [‘Data Analysis’, ‘Security Measures’, ‘Object Recognition’] Medium
24 Lawn mowing 25 Easy [‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Object Recognition’, ‘Communication’] Medium
25 Snow shoveling 45 Medium [‘Data Analysis’, ‘Object Recognition’] High
26 Car washing 40 Easy [‘Fine Motor Control’, ‘Physical Strength’, ‘Communication’] High
27 Window cleaning 50 Easy [‘Navigation’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Communication’] Low
28 Waste disposal 15 Easy [‘Object Recognition’, ‘Security Measures’] Medium
29 Home repair 50 Hard [‘Physical Strength’] Medium
30 Plumbing 15 Hard [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Childcare Skills’] Low
31 Electrical work 35 Easy [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Security Measures’] Low
32 Painting 45 Medium [‘Healthcare Knowledge’] Medium
33 Moving furniture 25 Hard [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Fine Motor Control’] Low
34 Package handling 25 Easy [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’] High
35 Mail delivery 30 Medium [‘Childcare Skills’, ‘Fine Motor Control’] High
36 Bill payment 15 Hard [‘Communication’, ‘Security Measures’, ‘Childcare Skills’] Low
37 Appointment scheduling 30 Easy [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Communication’] Low
38 Medication reminders 30 Hard [‘Navigation’] Medium
39 Meal planning 45 Easy [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Navigation’] Low
40 Personal grooming 40 Medium [‘Healthcare Knowledge’, ‘Data Analysis’, ‘Communication’] Low
41 Social interaction 40 Medium [‘Healthcare Knowledge’] Low
42 Reading assistance 50 Hard [‘Security Measures’, ‘Childcare Skills’, ‘Data Analysis’] Low
43 Writing assistance 35 Easy [‘Object Recognition’] High
44 Exercise assistance 15 Medium [‘Navigation’] Medium
45 Physical therapy aid 45 Easy [‘Navigation’, ‘Security Measures’] Low
46 Transportation assistance 25 Hard [‘Communication’, ‘Entertainment Skills’] Low
47 Event planning 30 Easy [‘Entertainment Skills’, ‘Physical Strength’, ‘Security Measures’] Medium
48 Home organization 45 Medium [‘Communication’] Low
49 Digital file management 15 Medium [‘Physical Strength’, ‘Childcare Skills’] High

Each row represents a type of activity a humanoid robot could do. The columns represent the activity, the hourly rate in dollars, the difficulty of the activity, the required skills for the activity, and the energy consumption of the activity, respectively.

July 17, 2023 at 08:39PM
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