Python News: What's New From August 2022

Python News: What's New From August 2022
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In August 2022, Python inched closer to the 3.11 release, pandas introduced enhancement proposals, various packages saw new releases, Python extended its lead at the top of the TIOBE index, and PyPI battled malware.

Read on for more details about what happened in the world of Python in August 2022!

Python Has PEPs, NumPy Has NEPs, pandas Now Has PDEPs

The first pandas enhancement proposal (PDEP) was submitted on August 3, 2022, and was entitled Purpose and guidelines. Enhancement proposals aren’t new to the Python community. Python has had PEPs since 2000, and NumPy followed with NEPs in 2017.

The first PDEP follows in the tradition of PEPs and NEPs, with PDEP-1 being an introduction to the idea behind the enhancement proposals themselves.

In a nutshell, PDEPs are intended to aid the proposal process for major changes to pandas, such as moving a module from the main pandas repository to a break-off repository. PDEPs are not for quick fixes, but for major undertakings that involve the wider community and, more often than not, some significant trade-offs.

Working out complex issues isn’t ideally suited to a thread-based medium, like GitHub issues. It can be hard for a discussion to stay focused if anyone can respond at any time, even if the original idea is a good one.

GitHub issue threads can create noise not only for the core developers, but for contributors and end users too. Additionally, they can bury good but complex ideas by not providing an appropriate medium for discussing them. Contributor h-vetinari raised this topic in a GitHub issue in 2019:

The more intricate the API implications, the harder it is to discuss in GitHub comments (because there is usually too many things to consider at the same time, or the comments/threads get ridiculously long or both). That does not mean that the given change does not have merit though, just that it’s (likely) too hard to discuss in a thread format. (Source)

The GitHub issue that h-vetinari raised three years ago has now been closed with the pull request for PDEP-1. This may lay a blueprint for the PDEP life cycle going forward. PDEPs will probably get started when someone creates an issue. If the issue is recognized as being significant and valuable, then the person who raised it may be directed to create a PDEP.

This move to PDEPs means that the roadmap that’s typically used for communicating larger changes to pandas will slowly migrate toward PDEPs.

How do you feel about the move to PDEPs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Python Ecosystem Celebrates New Releases

The Python community didn’t rest throughout August, even though it’s typically a month for vacations. As usual, there have been plenty of releases in the Python ecosystem. From CPython to CircuitPython, there are plenty of new features for you to start playing with. Read on for a selection of releases and milestones.


The CPython team is still gearing up for the release of Python 3.11 in October 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about the 3.11 release, check out some in-depth Real Python tutorials exploring the new 3.11 features, such as exception groups, tomllib, and better error messages.

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