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Affirm your PSF Membership Voting Status
by: Marie Nordin
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Every PSF voting-eligible Member (Supporting, Managing, Contributing, and Fellow) needs to affirm their membership to vote in this year’s election.

If you wish to vote in this year’s election, you must affirm your intention to vote no later than Tuesday, June 25th, 2:00 pm UTC to participate in this year’s election. This year’s Board Election vote begins Tuesday, July 2nd, 2:00 pm UTC and closes on Tuesday, July 16th, 2:00 pm UTC. You should have received an email from "[email protected] <Python Software Foundation>" with subject "[Action Required] Affirm your PSF Membership voting status" that contains information on how to affirm your voting status. If you were expecting to receive the email but have not (make sure to check your spam!), please email [email protected] and we’ll assist you.

PSF Bylaws

Section 4.2 of the PSF Bylaws requires that “Members of any membership class with voting rights must affirm each year to the corporation in writing that such member intends to be a voting member for such year.”

The PSF did not enforce this before 2023 because it was technically challenging. Now that we can track our entire voting membership on, we are implementing this requirement.

Our motivation is to ensure that our elections can meet quorum as required by Section 3.9 of our bylaws. As our membership has grown, we have seen that an increasing number of Contributing, Managing, and Fellow members with indefinite membership do not engage with our annual election, making quorum difficult to reach. 

An election that does not reach quorum is invalid. This would cause the whole voting process to be re-held as well as create an undue amount of effort on the part of the PSF Staff.

Need to check your membership status?

You can see your membership record and status on your PSF Member User Information page (note you must be logged in to to view that page). If you are a voting-eligible member (active Supporting, Managing, Contributing, and Fellow members of the PSF) and do not already have a login, please create an account on first and then email [email protected] so we can link your membership to your account. Please ensure you have an account linked to your membership so that we can have the most up-to-date contact information for you in the future.

What happens next?

You’ll get an email from OpaVote with a ballot on or before July 2nd and then you can vote!

Check out our PSF Membership page to learn more. If you have questions about membership or nominations please email [email protected]. Join the PSF Discord for the Board Office Hours, June 11th, 4-5 PM UTC, and June 18th, 12-1 PM UTC. You are also welcome to join the discussion about the PSF Board election on our forum.

June 06, 2024 at 09:45PM
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