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One Week Left for Python Logging Book / Course Kickstarter
by: Mike
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My latest Python book campaign is ending in less than a week. This book is about Python’s logging module. I also include two chapters that discuss structlog and loguru.

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Python Logging Book

Why Back A Kickstarter?

The reason to back the Kickstarter is that I have exclusive perks there that you cannot get outside of it. Here are some examples:

  • Signed paperback copy of the book
  • Early access to the video course lessons
  • T-shirt with the cover art
  • Exclusive price for Teach Me Python, which includes ALL my self-published books and courses
  • Exclusive price for all my self-published books
Support on Kickstarter

What You’ll Learn

In this book, you will learn how about the following:

  • Logger objects
  • Log levels
  • Log handlers
  • Formatting your logs
  • Log configuration
  • Logging decorators
  • Rotating logs
  • Logging and concurrency
  • and more!

Book formats

The finished book will be made available in the following formats:

  • paperback (at the appropriate reward level)
  • PDF
  • epub

The paperback is a 6″ x 9″ book and is approximately 150 pages long.

Support on Kickstarter

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