GPT-4 vs GPT-4o? Which is better? : Chris

GPT-4 vs GPT-4o? Which is better?
by: Chris
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Evidence 1: LMSYS Leaderboard

Evidence 2: OpenAI Simple Evals Benchmark

Evidence 3: Analyzing the Sentiment of the OpenAI Community

Evidence 4: Costs

Evidence 5: Speed

Evidence 6: Model Capabilities and Conceptual Differences

Evidence 7: My Personal Opinion

Clearly, GPT-4o wins. It was able to process my whole 160-page dissertation and provided well-thought out research gaps that could be used for scientific progress. GPT-4 is not capable of that.

To learn more about this mind-boggling experiment, check out my blog and YouTube video:

👉 ChatGPT-4o Understands My Dissertation Better Than I Do 🤯

May 23, 2024 at 03:47PM
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