Python News: What's New From March 2024

Python News: What's New From March 2024
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While many people went hunting for Easter eggs, the Python community stayed active through March 2024. The free-threaded Python project reached a new milestone, and you can now experiment with disabling the GIL in your interpreter.

The Python Software Foundation does a great job supporting the language with limited resources. They’ve now announced a new position that will support users of PyPI. NumPy is an old workhorse in the data science space. The library is getting a big facelift, and the first release candidate of NumPy 2 is now available.

Dive in to learn more about last month’s most important Python news.

Free-Threaded Python Reaches an Important Milestone

Python’s global interpreter lock (GIL) has been part of the CPython implementation since the early days. The lock simplifies a lot of the code under the hood of the language, but also causes some issues with parallel processing.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to remove the GIL. However, until PEP 703 was accepted by the steering council last year, none had been successful.

The PEP describes how the GIL can be removed based on experimental work done by Sam Gross. It suggests that what’s now called free-threaded Python is activated through a build option. In time, this free-threaded Python is expected to become the default version of CPython, but for now, it’s only meant for testing and experiments.

When free-threaded Python is ready for bigger audiences, the GIL will still be enabled by default. You can then set an environment variable or add a command-line option to try out free-threaded Python:

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April 08, 2024 at 07:30PM
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