Python Basics Exercises: Lists and Tuples :

Python Basics Exercises: Lists and Tuples
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In Python Basics: Lists and Tuples, you learned that Python lists resemble real-life lists in many ways. They serve as containers for organizing and storing collections of objects, allowing for the inclusion of different data types. You also learned about tuples, which are also collections of objects. However, while lists are mutable, tuples are immutable.

In this Python Basics Exercises course, you’ll test and reinforce your knowledge of Python lists and tuples. Along the way, you’ll also get experience with some good programming practices that will help you solve future challenges.

In this video course, you’ll practice:

  • Defining and manipulating lists and tuples in Python
  • Leveraging the unique qualities of lists and tuples
  • Determining when you should use lists vs tuples

By the end of this course, you’ll have an even stronger grasp of Python lists and tuples. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge to effectively incorporate them into your own programming projects.

This video course is part of the Python Basics series, which accompanies Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3. You can also check out the other Python Basics courses.

Note that you’ll be using IDLE to interact with Python throughout this course.

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February 06, 2024 at 07:30PM
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