Learn From 2023's Most Popular Python Tutorials and Courses :

Learn From 2023's Most Popular Python Tutorials and Courses
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Python is always getting better, and 2023 brought a number of exciting developments. As part of the Faster CPython project, Python 3.12 is speedier than previous versions. The new release brings improved error messages and more powerful f-strings. You can also enjoy support for the Linux perf profiler, static typing improvements, and changes to subinterpreters.

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) focused on enhancing security in 2023, with the help of inaugural Security Developer-in-Residence Seth Michael Larson. As part of this comprehensive effort, PyPI completed its first security audit. Plus, the year brought new major versions of pandas, Django, and Pydantic. Another exciting development was Mojo, a superset of Python that’s specifically designed for use in machine-learning contexts.

Here at Real Python, we’ve published over a hundred written tutorials and video courses this year, plus weekly podcast episodes. Keep reading to revisit an old favorite or embark on a new learning journey. You can also check out the wrap-up podcast episode.

Practice Your Skills

Python Basics: Object-Oriented Programming

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to programming. This year, the Real Python team expanded the Python Basics learning path with exercises designed to strengthen your Python skills and help you apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

In these courses, you can test your knowledge by completing review exercises and challenges before comparing your work to the instructors’ solutions:

By actively engaging with these exercises, you’ll solidify your understanding of Python concepts and build confidence in your programming abilities. Another way to test your knowledge is by taking quizzes, and we added several in 2023. For help along the way, be sure to join Real Python’s community chat and weekly office hours.

Customize Your Coding Environment

Choosing the Best Coding Font for Programming

Your coding environment plays a crucial role in your productivity as a programmer, so it’s definitely worthwhile to explore your options and make yourself at home. That means picking the perfect editor or IDE for your use case and then tweaking how it works for you.

In these tutorials, you’ll learn how to customize your coding environment to suit your needs:

By exploring these resources, you’ll discover tools and techniques that can enhance your coding experience, making you more efficient and comfortable as you write Python code.

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