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Reusable research Birds of a Feather session at Scipy 2023: Goals and challenges
by: Spyder Blog
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The Spyder team and collaborators hosted a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at SciPy 2023, focused on moving beyond just scripts and notebooks toward truly reproducible, reusable research. Here, we’ll recap the motivation and goals of the BoF and share the common challenges that participants brought up with notebooks and moving toward reproducible, reusable research. In our next post, we’ll follow up with some of the tips, tools, platforms and strategies attendees brought up as ways to address them, including using Spyder! We'd like to thank Juanita Gomez for helping organize the BoF, Hari for his hard work compiling a summary of the outcomes, and everyone for attending and sharing such great ideas and insights!

The trouble with notebooks

The overwhelming majority of current scientific code is siloed away into one-off scripts and notebooks, where the only real mechanism for reusing and building upon them is good old copy and paste. In order to keep "building upon the shoulders of giants",

December 19, 2023 at 05:30PM
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