Python News: What's New From May 2023

Python News: What's New From May 2023
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May 2023 was an important month for Python, as the upcoming Python 3.12 version is now feature complete. You can dig into a lot of information about Python and its development by reading the coverage of the Language Summit and watching videos from PyCon US. Modular has announced a new programming language that’s based on Python.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit down with the most important Python news from the last month.

Python 3.12 in Beta

Since 2019, a new version of Python has been released every year in October. The next version of Python–Python 3.12—is no different. Its release is planned for October 2, 2023.

Python 3.12 reached an important milestone last month when its first beta version was released. A beta release is an early release of an upcoming Python version. In contrast to alpha releases, which have been available for a while, the betas are feature complete.

Being feature complete means that there’ll be no features added to Python 3.12 that aren’t already in the beta version. Instead, the time until the final release in October will focus on finding and fixing bugs and other issues. The core developers ask for your help:

We strongly encourage maintainers of third-party Python projects to test with 3.12 during the beta phase and report issues found to the Python bug tracker as soon as possible. (Source)

You should install the beta version and test that your code still works. Finding bugs during the beta phase is an important and impactful way to contribute to Python. If you maintain a package on PyPI, then you can help the community by running tests and publishing wheels for Python 3.12.

You can learn about all the upcoming features from What’s New in Python 3.12. Some highlights are the following:

In addition, the Faster CPython project continues to deliver performance improvements, and Python 3.12 will be even faster than Python 3.11.

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