PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #562 (Jan. 31, 2023) :

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #562 (Jan. 31, 2023)
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#562 – JANUARY 31, 2023
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Orchestrating Large and Small Projects With Apache Airflow

Have you worked on a project that needed an orchestration tool? How do you define the workflow of an entire data pipeline or a messaging system with Python? This week on the show, Calvin Hendryx-Parker is back to talk about using Apache Airflow and orchestrating Python projects.

Why I Like Nox

Both nox and tox are multi-environment testing tools. This opinion piece by Hynek compares and contrasts them and explains why increasingly he is using nox.

Simple Observability Tool for Peace of Mind: TelemetryHub by Scout APM


We built TelemetryHub to make observability easy. It’s our goal to provide you with peace of mind by providing a user experience that’s intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to monitor and understand what’s happening inside your application at a glance →
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Simulating a Broken DB Connection for Testing in Django

This article covers three different options for effectively testing Django database access and failure recovery when the database connection is not there.

Bleach 6.0.0 Release and Deprecation

Bleach is an HTML sanitizing library. 6.0 has been released, along with the announcement that the package is being deprecated. The library is dependent on html5lib which is no longer maintained, the maintainers of Bleach are giving notice that their package will stop being updated after a year.


Thoughts on the Python Packaging Ecosystem

There’s been lots of chatter about packaging in Python of late, this discussion centers around Pradyun Gedam’s excellent article. For more on the same topic see last issue’s How to improve Python packaging, or why fourteen tools are at least twelve too many as well.

Breaking the Snake: How Python Went From 2 to 3

This discussion spawned from Diego Crespo’s article of the same name talks about the transition that somehow everyone is still interested in talking about.

Python Jobs

Software Engineer - Backend/Python (100% Remote) (Anywhere)


Python Video Course Instructor (Anywhere)

Real Python

Python Tutorial Writer (Anywhere)

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Articles & Tutorials

The Python Standard REPL: Try Out Code and Ideas Quickly

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Python standard REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) to run your code interactively. This tool will allow you to test new ideas, explore and experiment with new tools and libraries, refactor and debug your code, try out examples, and more.

Linear Algebra in Python: Matrix Inverses and Least Squares

In this tutorial, you’ll work with linear algebra in Python. You’ll learn how to perform computations on matrices and vectors, how to study linear systems and solve them using matrix inverses, and how to perform linear regression to predict prices based on historical data.

Need Your MEAN and MERN Applications to Run as Fast as Possible


In this new e-book from Redis, we share three popular design patterns that developers use with Redis to improve application performance with MEAN and MERN stack applications. →
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Distance and Proximity Analysis in Python

“Spatial data science projects frequently require the calculation of proximity to resources.” This article shows you how to calculate proximity in Python code using two different techniques: Euclidean and driving times. Examples use geopandas and routingpy packages.

20 Things I’ve Learned in My 20 Years as a Software Engineer

Justin writes a list of things he has learned over his past 20 years in development. He starts by stating how context is important and that his lessons are from small teams with an emphasis on productivity and being tool agnostic.

An Open Source Python Project CI Pipeline

This posting describes Brenton’s Python Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline setup, from using a pyproject.toml file, to the tools such as black and coverage he uses, to GitHub actions to glue it all together.

Python Bindings for Performance Optimization

“This article describes techniques to accelerate a Python codebase by exposing parallelized C++ functions using PyBind.” The example in the article achieves a 3x speed-up through this technique.

So, Single (') or Double (") Quotes in Python?

The article addresses the following question. Many claim you should prefer single over double quotes in Python. Should you?
MEDIUM.COM/PYTHONIQ • Shared by Marcin

Connect, Integrate & Automate Your Data - From Python or Any Other Application

At CData, we simplify connectivity between the application and data sources that power business, making it easier to unlock the value of data.

Replacing Pandas With Polars. A Practical Guide

Polars is becoming a popular alternative to Pandas. This article compares the two and shows you a path to Polars.

The Zen of Proverbs

Inspired by the Zen of Python and similar lists, this is list of Zen Proverbs for programming.

Projects & Code


STL Python

February 1, 2023


February 1, 2023

Fosdem 2023

February 5 to February 6, 2023

Happy Pythoning!
This was PyCoder’s Weekly Issue #562.
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