PyCharm: The PyCharm 2022.2.1 Release Candidate Is Now Available! :

PyCharm: The PyCharm 2022.2.1 Release Candidate Is Now Available!
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We’re working closely with your feedback on the PyCharm 2022.2 version that was released last week. Thank you for sharing with us! If you encounter an issue in PyCharm 2022.2, please reach out to our support team. We are actively fixing regressions, and will be delivering a minor bug-fix release soon.

You can get the new build from our page, via the free Toolbox App, or by using snaps for Ubuntu. 

Today, the release candidate for the first minor update is available. Here are the major fixes:

  • Docker: the console and debugger now connect when using a Docker interpreter on Linux. [PY-55338]
  • Docker compose: port configuration now works for the docker-compose interpreter. [PY-54302]
  • The Emulate terminal in output console option no longer leads to unexpected indentation in the console or debugger [PY-55322]
  • Debugger: debugging a multiprocessing script doesn’t lead to an IDE exception error anymore. [PY-55104]
  • Debugger: Python Console now displays text containing ANSI color sequences correctly. [PY-54599]
  • Debugger: debugging Django projects with the Python 3.8 interpreter now works smoothly. [PY-40754]
  • PyCharm now recognizes non-default Flask app names and sets up the Flask run configuration accordingly. [PY-55347]
  • Using __debug__ in if and elif statements no longer results in unreachable code. [PY-29435]

We’re working on fixes for the following recent regressions with local and remote interpreters – stay tuned:

  • Docker: an exposed port doesn’t work while debugging Docker.  [PY-55294]
  • Custom interpreter paths aren’t supported in the remote interpreters. [PY-52925]
  • Docker: PyCharm can’t start the project’s interpreter. [PY-55423]
  • Debugger: PyCharm produces an error when debugging code containing non-ASCII encoding. [PY-55369]
  • Testing: Behave run configurations can’t run just one scenario from the folder, they run all available files from the target directory. [PY-55434]
  • Django: using the Docker-compose interpreter leads to an error when trying to open the console. [PY-52610]

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback to share, please submit it to our issue tracker, via Twitter, or in the comments section of this blog post.

August 07, 2022 at 01:52PM
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