NVIDIA – Beyond Its Economic Moats (Top 9 Weaknesses) : Chris

NVIDIA – Beyond Its Economic Moats (Top 9 Weaknesses)
by: Chris
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Weakness 1: Gigantic Competition From Tech Leaders

👉 NVIDIA: Top 10 Competitive Advantages

Weakness 2: Stock Overvaluation

Weakness 3: AI Chips – Source of Money Flows From Investors Not Users

Weakness 4: Raw AI Compute Will Get Commoditized

Weakness 5: AGI Democratizes Chip Design

Weakness 6: Exploding Unit Sales Meet Imploding Prices for AI Training

Weakness 7: Money Will Be Captured by AI Applications Not Infrastructure

Weakness 8: Quantum Computing

Weakness 9: Regression Toward Mean

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May 17, 2024 at 05:57PM
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