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PyCharm 2024.1 EAP Is Open!
by: Valeria Letusheva
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This blog post marks the start of the year’s first Early Access Program. The PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 1 build is now accessible for download, providing an early glimpse into the exciting updates on the horizon.

Download PyCharm 2024.1 EAP

If you’re new to the EAP process, we encourage you to read our introductory blog post. It offers valuable insights into the program and explains why your participation is integral.

Join us in the coming weeks to explore the new features in PyCharm, test them out, and provide feedback on the new additions. Your engagement is what helps us shape the evolution of PyCharm.

User experience 

Option to scale down the entire IDE

PyCharm 2023.1 introduced the ability to zoom in and out of the entire IDE, adjusting the size of all UI elements simultaneously. However, the initial scaling range was limited to between 100 and 200%. In PyCharm 2024.1 EAP 1, we have incorporated a new option allowing users to scale down the IDE to 90%, 80%, or 70%, offering an extended range of customization options. 

Django Structure tool window

This first build also brings multiple improvements to the recently introduced Django Structure tool window. Among other enhancements, there is now an action to register model admin classes.

That’s it for the first week! For the full list of changes in this EAP build, please read the release notes.

Stay tuned for more updates that will be covered in the blog every week until the major release date. We highly value your input, so be sure to provide your feedback on the new features. You can drop a comment in the comments section under this blog post or reach out to our team on X (formerly Twitter). If you come across any bugs while using this build, please report them via our issue tracker

January 19, 2024 at 02:57PM
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