Python News: What's New From November 2023

Python News: What's New From November 2023
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November brought exciting news to the Python community, from PyPI’s first security audit to a new version of PyScript! The month also gave Python developers like you ample opportunities to get involved in the ecosystem through the annual Python Developers Survey and the PyCon US call for proposals. Development has also continued on Python 3.13 and Pydantic.

Get ready to explore the recent highlights!

PyPI Completes First Security Audit

With the support of the Open Technology Fund (OTF), the Python Package Index (PyPI) completed its first external security audit in November. Because PyPI is the official index and repository for the Python ecosystem, maintaining its security is of vital importance for the community at large.

The audit began in late summer 2023 and involved searching for security vulnerabilities in Warehouse and cabotage, the codebases that power and deploy PyPI. Trail of Bits, a security firm with significant open-source and Python experience, performed the audit.

Overall, the auditors didn’t identify any high-severity issues in either of the codebases, which is great news. The audit did flag some issues, like weak signature verification, unintentional information leaks, and weak cryptographic hashes, but but ultimately noted that the codebases demonstrated best practices in the industry. The PyPI team has already made the repository safer by working to remediate the risks that came up in the audit.

If you’d like to learn more about how Trail of Bits conducted the audit and what the team found, then check out the blog post on the audit. You can also read the full report.

Python 3.13.0a2 Released

Just over a month ago, Python 3.12 introduced a ton of cool new features. But work never stops, and now the second alpha version of Python 3.13 is available.

The most notable change for this release, compared to 3.12, is the elimination of many modules. Python 3.13 closes out a deprecation schedule that began in Python 3.11 with PEP 594. If you’ve been using these deprecated modules on newer Python versions, then you’ve likely run into a DeprecationWarning. Some of the modules eliminated are aifc, audioop, cgi, cgitb, crypt, pipes, telnetlib, and lib2to3.

But Python 3.13 isn’t just about deprecation. It also adds improvements to some modules. Here are a few examples:

  • In asyncio, the asyncio.loop.create_unix_server() method will now automatically remove the Unix socket when the connection to the server is closed, which means you won’t have an unnecessary socket file hanging around on disk.
  • In the copy module, copy.replace() makes working with immutable objects more convenient by allowing you to create a modified copy.
  • In the ipaddress module, the new ipaddress.IPV4Address.ipv6_mapped property lets you represent an IPv4 address as an IPv6 address.

This is just a small sampling of the new functionality added to this version. To see the full list of removals, deprecations, additions, and improvements in 3.13.0a2, check out What’s New In Python 3.13.

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