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30 Everyday Human Tasks AI Can’t Replace in the Foreseeable Future
by: Chris
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💡 TLDR: Do you want to stay on the right side of change? Become an investor. Be reactive, i.e., if somebody needs something from you, give it to them. Embrace the little things that ChatGPT cannot do just yet. Be grateful you’re still needed.

Most of us fear the same thing: AI taking on more responsibilities and, ultimately, our own livelihoods. It’s crucial for us as humans to recognize areas where we still hold significant power and potential. In this article, I’ll give you 30 tasks – but let’s have a talk about the most important, in my opinion:

One key area is investment. Investing a portion of our income, ideally at least 10%, into scarce or desirable assets such as real estate, or in technology giants like Tesla, Alphabet, Facebook (Meta), Amazon, or NVidia is more than a financial strategy; it’s a reinforcement of our unique human role in the world’s economy.

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Why is investment so critical?

The simple answer is that machines, as of now, do not invest autonomously.

While they can aid in decision-making, the ownership and control of capital remain overwhelmingly human.

Even in a landscape dotted with AI and automation, humans own and control the vast majority of assets, with some minuscule exceptions such as autonomous bots controlling crypto for autonomous trade.

This ownership is not just a fact but a significant opportunity, especially in times of disruption. For example, innovations like Tesla’s Optimus bot could revolutionize labor, and as investors in such technologies, we can benefit from these disruptions.

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Investment represents a key activity where human foresight, judgment, and decision-making play irreplaceable roles.

In parallel, there are numerous everyday tasks, often overlooked, where our human touch, creativity, and empathy are indispensable and currently beyond the reach of AI and automation.

Here’s a glimpse of these tasks, reminding us of the unique value we bring to our personal lives, our careers, and the tech world:

  • Personal and Family Activities
  • Professional and Career-Related Tasks
  • IT and Tech-Related Activities

Personal and Family Activities

  1. Sharing Family Stories: Telling your child about your childhood adventures during dinner.
  2. Complimenting a Friend: Noticing and praising a friend’s new hairstyle.
  3. Consoling a Neighbor: Offering a listening ear and comforting words when a neighbor is upset.
  4. Helping a Child with Homework: Assisting your child with a tricky math problem after school.
  5. Planning a Family Get-Together: Organizing a weekend barbecue with relatives.
  6. Home Decorating: Choosing the perfect curtains for your living room.
  7. Singing a Lullaby: Soothing your baby to sleep with a gentle song.
  8. Preparing a Favorite Meal: Cooking your family’s favorite dish on a special occasion.
  9. Gardening: Planting flowers in your backyard while your kids help.
  10. Creating a Photo Album: Putting together a photo album of a recent family vacation.

Professional and Career-Related Tasks

  1. Building Workplace Relationships: Chatting with colleagues during a coffee break.
  2. Giving Constructive Feedback: Offering helpful suggestions to a coworker on a project.
  3. Organizing a Team Lunch: Planning a lunch outing for your team.
  4. Resolving Customer Complaints: Handling a difficult customer call with patience and understanding.
  5. Creating a Sales Strategy: Brainstorming ideas for an upcoming product launch.
  6. Designing a Company Newsletter: Crafting a visually appealing monthly newsletter.
  7. Public Speaking: Presenting your project results at a team meeting.
  8. Handling Difficult Clients: Navigating a challenging client meeting with tact.
  9. Mentoring a New Hire: Guiding a new colleague through their first week.
  10. Planning a Workshop: Organizing an interactive training session for your department.

IT and Tech-Related Activities

  1. Collaborative Coding: Working with a colleague to solve a coding puzzle.
  2. Guiding a Tech Newbie: Helping a non-tech-savvy friend set up their new laptop.
  3. User Feedback Analysis: Reading and interpreting user feedback for app improvements.
  4. Explaining Tech Concepts: Simplifying a complex tech concept for a client.
  5. Website Design: Choosing the right color scheme for a personal blog.
  6. Participating in a Code Review: Discussing potential improvements in a peer’s code.
  7. Keeping Up with Tech News: Discussing the latest tech updates with friends.
  8. Troubleshooting for Family: Helping your parents fix a Wi-Fi issue at home.
  9. Contributing to a Tech Forum: Sharing advice on an online tech community.
  10. Organizing a Local Tech Meetup: Setting up a casual gathering for tech enthusiasts in your area.

Although machines, with the help of large language models, have scaled up intelligence, many activities still require a human touch. These tasks, often perceived as dull daily routines, hold significant value precisely because they are yet to be mechanized.

One day, they may be automated, but today, the Universe still wants us to do these tasks. If somebody comes to you, e.g., asking you for your opinion or help, chances are you can still contribute more value than an AI and all for you to do is to give the value, no questions asked. Be grateful you have value to give.

A prime example of such tasks is the act of showing affection, like hugging your children or caring for your parents and family. Kindness towards others who seek your attention is another.

The demand for your unique skills becomes apparent when people approach you for help or advice. The day machines can fully automate these tasks might mark the end of such personal requests.

For instance, if children no longer need a human hug because machines can provide that comfort, the intrinsic value of the human touch in that context diminishes. But we are not there yet!

In my personal experience, responding to emails from community members illustrates this point.

Although it’s a time-consuming task, it holds value as long as people seek my opinion and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Their choice to contact me, rather than seeking superficial interactions, underscores the significance of these human interactions. This suggests that as long as there’s a demand for personalized attention – something currently irreplaceable by machines – such tasks remain valuable.

Moreover, activities like buying or renovating a house also fall into this category. They are not just transactions but involve a series of decisions and interactions that are deeply human.

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