Introducing FinxterGPT — Your State-of-the-Art Learning Experience at Finxter Academy : Chris

Introducing FinxterGPT — Your State-of-the-Art Learning Experience at Finxter Academy
by: Chris
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As I strolled down memory lane today, my mind wandered back to my university days. Those were times of sitting on crowded lecture hall floors, straining to follow along as professors delved into complex theoretical computer science, for instance. Within minutes, many of us were lost in a sea of jargon, our understanding dwindling with each passing second. 🎶

Let’s put this into perspective with a simple calculation. Imagine a typical lecture hall with 100 students. If each student zones out for just 10 minutes during a one-hour lecture, that’s collectively 1,000 minutes, or over 16 hours of learning time lost in just one session. Multiply this by the number of lectures in a semester, and the cumulative impact is staggering.

This brings me to a provocative thought: Why is it a norm in many universities to not optimize the precious time of students?

Shouldn’t we, as students, be regarded more as valued customers rather than seen as interruptions to the “real work” of research?

I confess, that during my time as an academic teacher and researcher, I too fell into this pattern, often prioritizing research over teaching. Looking back, I realize that what was missing for a truly efficient and modern learning experience were two key elements:

  1. A pause button ⏹ – to stop and reflect,
  2. A personal tutor – to answer those ‘silly’ questions that crop up when you’re just not getting it.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that what I once wished for is now a reality at Finxter Academy. After investing my afternoon and a significant amount in OpenAI tokens, I’m excited to launch FinxterGPT:

🧑‍💻👉 Finxter Academy with FinxterGPT

As a premium member of Finxter Academy, you can now pause any course video and consult with GPT-4 Turbo immediately.

Struggling with a concept or need help with a code snippet? Just ask, and FinxterGPT is there to assist. 🤩

And for those who are yet to join our premium community, don’t worry. You still have access to FinxterGPT on our blog posts, albeit with a lower priority and a few minor restrictions.

This is more than just an upgrade; it’s a step towards transforming how we learn and interact with technology in our educational journeys. It’s about being on the right side of change.

Embrace the future of learning with FinxterGPT. 🚀

November 21, 2023 at 04:44AM
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