Startup to Millionaire in 48 Months: A Dual Strategy of Business Growth and Smart Investing : Emily Rosemary Collins

Startup to Millionaire in 48 Months: A Dual Strategy of Business Growth and Smart Investing
by: Emily Rosemary Collins
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Let’s break down a simple plan to transform a solo startup into a $1 million venture within four years, just by following a detailed, month-by-month strategy.

I created this plan a couple of months ago and shared it on the Finxter blog:

👉 Becoming a Millionaire in 48 Months with a Tiny 1-Person Startup (No VCs!)

This approach combines business growth with savvy investing in ETFs that track the NASDAQ, aiming for a 16% compound annual growth rate.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to financial freedom:

  1. Early Stage (Months 1-7): Start at square one with your business, focusing on setting it up right with no initial income. This is your planning and development phase. Get your business off the ground with zero pressure on immediate returns.
  2. Income Kickoff (Months 8-12): Begin earning from your startup gradually. Target to grow from $100 to $1,600 in monthly income. This slow start is crucial for laying a solid foundation.
  3. Consistent Growth (Months 13-47): This is where the magic happens. Aim for a 7% monthly growth in your business net income, moving from $1,712 to $15,965 by month 47. It’s not just about working hard but also about working smart—optimize, refine, and scale up efficiently.
  4. Valuation and Sale (Month 48): With consistent effort, your business valuation could hit around $683,500 based on a 40x monthly profit multiple. Now, sell your startup on platforms like Flippa or Empireflippers.
  5. Invest the Proceeds: By month 48, with diligent investing alongside business growth, your investment portfolio can burgeon to about $300,293. Combined with the sale proceeds, welcome to the millionaire club with a total asset value reaching $1,000,000!

Alongside these business activities, continue investing a portion of your profits into an ETF that mimics the NASDAQ. By compounding these investments at an expected rate of 16% annually, your financial growth is accelerated, ensuring that even after selling your business, you continue to earn a handsome passive income.

📈 A simple clear-cut strategy, and by month 48, celebrate your newfound millionaire status. It’s all about persistence, strategic planning, and a bit of financial savvy! 💼💰

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May 04, 2024 at 08:26PM
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