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Buy PyCharm. Support Django. 
by: Valeria Letusheva
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Our annual campaign to support the Django Foundation has launched.

Django is super-important to people and companies worldwide! It’s one of Python’s greatest successes. Not just the code, but the project and the non-profit foundation behind it. Django is a tribute to volunteer, open-source development.

But Django and the Django Software Foundation need resources, including financial support. The good news: you can help yourself while helping contribute to the sustainability of Django.

By donating to the Django Software Foundation, you can support the continuous growth and enhancement of the Django framework.

We at PyCharm understand how important Django is for web development in Python. PyCharm Professional offers rich support for Django, including the ability to run tasks of the utility, the run/debug configuration for Django server, as well as database management functionality. 

This July, we’re offering new users a 30% discount for PyCharm Professional annual subscriptions. We’ll also donate all of the proceeds from this campaign to the Django Software Foundation.

Buy PyCharm, Support Django!

Don’t miss your chance to get a professional tool for your web development and support Django at the same time.

As part of the deal, you’ll also get one month’s free access to JetBrains Academy, which provides learning tracks on Django, Git, SQL, and more.

Use this deal for yourself or share it with those who have just embarked on their programming career. 

Spread the word about the fundraiser among your fellow Python and Django enthusiasts. Even a small commitment can bring great value to the community.

Let’s support Django together!

July 05, 2023 at 08:13PM
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